Elise is extremely dynamic and is able to deliver a very entertaining and thought provoking presentation. You will not be disappointed.

- Rhonda Davis, National Science Foundation

Elise presenting at TEDx

About Elise

Elise Roy is a deaf lawyer, artist, artisan, and human rights advocate who works in the vanguard of the social design movement, which holds that designers have the capacity and responsibility to address and resolve human problems on micro and macro scales and thereby contribute to social well-being.

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When we design for disability, we all benefit

This spin off of Elise's wildly successful TEDx talk discusses key shifts that Elise has found through her work that help us understand how disability is an asset. 


The hidden power of diversity

Through a personal examination of her own struggles in accepting her identities as a person with a disability, a lesbian and as a woman, Elise delivers an inspiring talk on how to use our identities to our advantage.


conquering fear & Leading

Coming soon! 


Elise was BEYOND awesome!

- Jan Fox, 4x Emmy Award Winner


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For Meeting Planners


  • Wireless lavaliere, if possible
  • Projector with audio capability for embedded videos
  • Podium
  • Small table up front for Elise's computer – will take longer cable run than typical lectern hook-up


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