_At the table: a mobile neutral space for baltimore

The residents of East Baltimore are plagued with rival gangs, drugs, and few safe community spaces. _At the Table was a team effort of five students at MICA who set out to solve a part of this problem during a 48 hour blitz. In 48 hours we were required to build a prototype, host a community event, and create a website and video showcasing our product. Our solution was a mobile picnic table which could be moved throughout the neighborhood and used to host events such as health education or free coffee to encourage conversations between diverse neighbors.

The table quickly became a symbol throughout the community for a safe, neutral space and is still used today. 

Recognition: Top entry, Good Magazine's Makers Contest

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Two people sitting at the orange table with a sign that says, free coffee at the table.

An info graph documenting the chaotic nature of the 48 hour blitz.

People sitting at the orange table in a city scape setting.