The typewriter, audio books, remote controls, OXO grips, & closed captioning were all created by designing for disability. 

Man in a wheelchair pointing to a whiteboard and discussing graphic drawn on it with colleagues.

At Our Core

At Elise Roy & Associates, we support clients in approaching their design practices differently. We believe in the power of leveraging a deep understanding of the ways in which people with disabilities and other excluded communities experience the world to create unprecedented innovation and extraordinary results that not only impact people’s lives but drives business.

This isn’t just about accessibility. It’s about a business necessity. When we look for gaps of exclusion, we identify opportunities for great change that ensures you stay ahead of the innovation curve, adding exceptional value that you will not find anywhere else.

Our Services

Inclusion Lab       

In human-centered design we believe that exceptional results are created by looking to extremes. Yet too many human-centered design workshops fail to teach participants how to take advantage of one of their greatest assets – people with disabilities. Our workshops are tailored to take your organization through the process of solving a relevant problem using inclusive human-centered design methods. 

We have the capability to tailor the workshop to experienced designers or to individuals with no prior human centered design experience.

Participants without design experience: 

  • develop a deep understanding of how to effectively leverage people with disabilities’ unique experiences to create more valuable solutions

  • learn how to effectively facilitate conversations about difference

  • learn inclusive human-centered design skills and methods

1 Day

For designers:

  • learn how to effectively integrate inclusive methods in your design practices. This workshop will cover inclusive techniques for assessment, design, and evaluation.

3 Days

A participant discusses an idea for adapting a park in Wisconsin. Photo Credit: Wisconsin Tourism

A participant discusses an idea for adapting a park in Wisconsin. Photo Credit: Wisconsin Tourism

Expert Review

Focusing on a specific product or service, we leverage our network to work closely with your organization to insert the perspective of various disabilities into the development and validation of products or services. We identify gaps that uncover key, hidden opportunities and develop a high level of usability for your product or service that others often ignore. 


As a global thought leader, Elise has delivered keynotes all around the world. Her keynotes focus on how designing for disability benefits everyone. She has spoken at Microsoft, NASA, AIGA, the U.S. Institute for Peace and many more. Check out her TEDx talk below which has over 1.2 million views.

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