Google I/O and Live Caption

What a fabulous Google I/O! There was so much goodness packed into such a short time. My week started off with meeting a blast form the past, Bradee Evans, my brother’s college girlfriend who has been integral in inserting inclusive design practices at Figma. She’s also done some amazing stuff at Adobe (check out her presentation at Apple on Photoshop’s integration with their touch bar). I’ve always looked up to her and will continue to do so.

I arrived at the I/O conference on Tuesday and was immediately impressed with all the people that were there and all the ideas circling. An added bonus was that Google’s opening keynote address featured Live Caption a project that I worked with Google and my favorite Deaf advocate, KR Lui. I continue to be impressed by Google’s commitment to inclusion.

One of the best experiences was seeing the “design for one, extend to many” theme front and center for their new Google Experiments project. Project Euphonia, an AI project at Google that “helps speech-impaired users communicate faster and gain independence” was also released during the session where I gave my keynote. And finally, don’t forget to check out an interview that I did with Google’s Timothy Jordan below.